Kevonna McAnuff

My Business Breakthrough Story

Kevonna McAnuff

My Business Breakthrough Story

There is nothing simple or gratifying about trying to tackle the robust job market alone… I’ve tried it and it’s NOT the move.

As I was making strides to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, I wanted to gain experience in the field. I applied to countless internships and was turned down, you guessed it…

Every. Single. Time.

My “lack of experience” was the common phrase I heard uttered in the mouths of hiring managers who simply didn’t want me. The hassle of job hunting hit me hard.

After finally landing a high-paying job at a premium corporation, the millennial bias I dealt with was discouraging. As the youngest team member, I couldn’t seem to catch a break.

Thus, aPoisedProfessional emerged from the ashes.

I’ve been a Certified Human Resources professional for 8 years helping global organizations like WeWork, IHG, and Rheem Manufacturing create frameworks that support the hiring and retention of black and brown candidates.

Most recently, I’ve become a Certified LinkedIn Expert and have helped over 400 job hunters create candidate attractive Résumés and LinkedIn profiles, land job interviews, and #gethired!

That’s exactly what I want for you.

I’ve been a personal resource to working millennials who want to level up in life and strategize their next high-value career move. Now, I’m all yours!