I Used to Be You...

No Degree. No Experience.

While in college, I was turned down to every HR internship I applied for. I attended a career fair, delivered my elevator pitch, and landed my first full-time role an entire year prior to graduation, without a degree and zero experience.

Terrible Boss, Moved On.

I worked for a horrible boss who talked down to me, tried to belittle me, and made my job a living hell. I used to drive home in tears at least once a week. After a year and a half, I decided it was time to move on.


First Corporate Gig. Promoted in 8 Months.

I made a lateral job move to enter corporate America and had the pleasure of working on an all woman of color HR team. It was AMAZING. I was doing such great work, I was tapped on the shoulder for a promotion.

Reclaiming My Coins.

I was super stoked about the promotion until I received the offer letter. I was offered only $5k more than what I was making. I delivered quality work for 6 months, implemented a TON of processes and programs, and then asked for a $4k raise. It was approved.


Get Unstuck & Elevate.

My promotion was great until grass started to grow. I had a VP that didn't quite like my way of speaking up or questioning leadership, so she did everything in her power to stifle my growth. She stopped not 1 but 2 promotions for me. I went on the hunt and landed a promotion with a new company that offered me a 33% salary increase.


Waking up every day eager to do what you love to do. A career that you're passionate about, that utilizes your talents, and builds both your network and your networth.

I curated the career I wanted in 2014 and I've been helping other do the same ever since. Today, I know what it takes to thrive in your career and live your best life both in and out of the workplace.

You are the curator of your career.

A job that challenges you.

A job that pays you.

A job that energizes you.

A job that makes you happy.

Ideal Student

Ambitious, career-driven, intrapreneur that is looking to thrive in your career and your side hustle. You're currently unengaged, underpaid, and underutilized and you're ready to do meaningful work that allows you to live your best life. You yearn to attend events that teach much-needed skills, and not just motivate. You understand that you're on a journey, not an overnight fix. You're tired of seeing no results and want a change. You're ready to INVEST in your future and GET UNSTUCK in your career.


Is this you? Let's get started.

The key to getting hired is not numbers; it's strategy.

That's how I was hired in just 45 days after losing my job.



In just 1 day, I'll help you define your value add and make you job market famous.



Receive my #GETHIRED BLUEPRINT and step-by-step video lessons, templates, & guides.



With my proven formula, you'll learn my method for responding to interview questions in a way that highlights your achievements.

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