2 New LinkedIn Features Job Seekers Should Be Using

Aug 11, 2020


In response to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic and companies continuing to layoff employee, Linkedin launched the Open to Work photo frame and the Name Pronunciation feature to their platform to further help job seekers.

1. The Open to Work Photo Frame

The Open to Work photo frame allows you to tell all of LinkedIn that you're "seeking New opportunities" without having to put that in your introductory headline; the section of your profile that holds a lot weight on the LinkedIn algorithm. With the click of a button, you can tell recruiters you're on the job market. Watch how:

2. Name Pronunciation Recording

Studies have been done on hiring biases and one that is consistent across the board is name pronunciation, which found that some recruiters wouldn't reach out to a candidate if they didn't know how to pronounce their name. Not anymore! Linkedin's name pronunciation feature allows you to record and display how to say your name via your phone. This feature is currently unavailable for desktop. I tested it for you below:

LinkedIn is truly the #1 job seeker platform doing everything they can to continue serving the job market. Both of these features are needed on every job seekers profile. Additional resources and profile necessities are available in the replay of my LinkedIn Masterclass.

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