3 Resume Tips for Education When You Didn't Graduate

Aug 11, 2020

Attending college and not graduating doesn't make you any less worthy of gainful employment. There's a story behind why you didn't finish and I understand it can be tricky when trying to tell that story on your resume. Even if you didn't graduate, it's still important that you add your education to your resume.

Here are 3 simple ways you can include your education when you didn't graduate.
1. Simply list the college location:

Howard University, Washington, D.C

2. Include years attended + major:

Howard University, Washington, D.C |Major:Accounting | 2010-2012

3. Add completed coursework with your major learning:

Howard University, Washington, D.C |Major:Accounting | 2010-2012

Completed Coursework:Intermediate Accounting, Tax Principles & Procedures, Auditing

Learning:Strong understanding of financial statements, tax law and preparation, and accounting information systems.

Need help identifying which way will work best on your resume? Grab a Resume Audit and I'll tell you!

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