LinkedIn's Easy Apply is Not What You Think

Aug 11, 2020

Tom Hillhouse, an ex-LinkedIn employee, shared that LinkedIn's "Easy Apply" might as well be "Easy Rejection". Yikes. While the easy apply option may seem like a good idea when in job market (one click and you're done), there's a few things you need to know about it before using it to aid in your job search.

What is Easy Apply?

Easy Apply is an option for some jobs listed on LinkedIn's job board that allows you to apply for jobs with the push of a button, once you have a resume uploaded to your profile. It simply shares your profile with the recruiter and send them your resume. It is not a formal job application.

Easy Apply Only Shares your Profile with the Recruiter

Your easy application falls into a sea of other easy apply applicants that the recruiter has to shift or filter through. But, in order to access the resume you submitted, they have to first select your profile from the sea of applicants. See where I'm going with this? If you don't already have a profile that stands out to the recruiter, chances are your profile won't be selected and they'll never see that "perfectly crafted" resume you just uploaded. Also, your profile becomes your resume because easy apply turns your uploaded resume into a tiny link recruiters probably won't see.
A profile that stands out is one with an engaging and keyword-rich headline and a happy, professional-looking profile photo. Poised tip: no recruiter is looking for someone that has "seeking new opportunities or currently open for opportunities" as their headline. In my LinkedIn Masterclass, you'll learn how to craft a profile that recruiters love and a headline that gets you to the top of the stack.

Easy Apply isn't bad and can absolutely help you with your job search. Here's a quick article on when you should use LinkedIn's Easy Apply.
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