Not Getting Interviews? Here's Why & What You Can Do About It

"Why am I not getting interviews?" A google search question with over 523,000,000 results, searched every .86 seconds. WOW. While there could be many reasons why you aren't getting job interviews, below are the top 3 that I've noticed as reasons why you're receiving a low response rate and what you can do about it.

1. Your job search is too heavily dependent on job boards.

Job boards are great for seeing what's out there in the job market but as with everything else, they have their limits. Because they're not updated in real time, they often have a large amount of expired positions. Also, unless a company has a paid account with many of them, the recruiters don't actually receive notifications of candidates that have applied for their positions.

Limiting your job search to just job boards is like putting all of your eggs in one basket. Instead, utilize a multi-prong job search strategy that includes leveraging your network and social media.

If you're not sure how to develop an...

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Why LinkedIn & Google Jobs Are Job Search Engines Every Job Hunter Should Use

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5 Reasons Why You're Not Hearing Back From Employers After Applying For a Job Opening

TL;DR: There are many reasons why you may not hear back from an employer after applying for a job opening. Sometimes it's them; not you. Other times, it's your job search strategy and collateral. Rejection happens. Radio silence is common. Don't get caught up in the emotion of it when you're not even sure you're the problem.


1. It's not the company's practice to reach out to candidates they're not interested in.

After submitting a job application, you're expecting a response. Whether it's a software generated response or a personalized email from a recruiter, the expectation is that you hear something. Unfortunately, every employer does not respond to every candidate because of the volume of applications they receive daily. For example, you may receive an email like this:
Thank you for your interest. We received your application and will be in touch if your qualifications match our needs for the role. Due to the volume of applications, we want to be respectful of your...
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