What is An Applicant Tracking System?


If you've ever applied for a job online, or used an online form to apply for a job, you more than likely used an applicant tracking system. Understanding what an applicant tracking system is, what it does, and how to find what system an employer uses, can help increase your chances of getting an invitation to interview.


An applicant tracking system is the software that recruiters use to organize the amount of résumés they receive for a particular job posting. You can work with the ATS by creating a keyword-rich, format friendly, and targeted résumé.


 1. Ranks and Scores Résumés

Based off of the criteria that the recruiting is looking for from the job description, the ATS will gives résumés a score that will make it easier for recruiters to filter by low or high scores.

2. Searches for Matching Résumés

With the keyword...

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6 Emotional Stages of Job Hunting + How to Get Through Them

job-hunting Aug 24, 2020

Job hunting in and of itself is a full-time job. It's this roller coaster of up and downs that can have your emotions all over the place. It takes an immeasurable amount of commitment and brain power. In no way, shape, or form is it an easy task for even the most experienced and qualified individual. This huge undertaking can often creates stress, anxiety, and overwhelm over a period of time. If you've decided to enter the job market, here's how you can expect to feel throughout the process along with tips to help you keep going.

The average length of a job search is 5 months, with 82% of participants describing their search as a stressful experience. - Randstad

Stage 1: Motivation


The beginning stage of every job hunt starts with the motivation and determination to #GetHired. The euphoria of getting out there and finding something new and better has your wheels turning as you begin to come across exciting opportunities. You're sticking to your "apply for 10...

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