A LinkedIn Trick That Will Help You Secure a Job Interview

Are you following job search hashtags on LinkedIn? Many employers use LinkedIn to post jobs and will include various hashtags related to the position or the job search to make it easier for job seekers to find their positions. Following these hashtags will give you direct access to recruiters and hiring managers.


Watch this video to see how to use the hashtags #nowhiring and #coronavirushiring on LinkedIn and how it can help you secure your next job interview.


Here are a few other hashtags you can use to aid your search and connect with recruiters and hiring managers directly:






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5 Common LinkedIn InMail Mistakes When Inquiring About a Job

LinkedIn can be an awkward platform to navigate. Although it’s a social channel, it’s still a professional platform that is intended to help its users make connections, build relationships, and widen their network. There's a way to send cold emails, also known as Inmails, via LinkedIn that is professional and achieves your connection goals. Avoid these mistakes and you'll be off to a great start.

1. No purpose has been stated.

 A common mistake when requesting connections or sending InMails is the failure to state the reason for the connection. Instead, the below intros are typical:

  • Hi

  • Good morning

  • Thanks for the connection.

When requesting a connection or sending an InMail, state your purpose. Tell them exactly what it is you want and why you wish to connect with them. If not, expect for your InMail to be ignored due to not providing a call to action.


2. Wrong audience when inquiring about a role.

 Every HR professional is not a recruiter and...

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