Are you ready to spend more time interviewing for jobs and less time crafting the perfect resume?

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Are you ready to spend be done with months of dead-end job searching? 

With my help, you can write a resume in ONE DAY that stands out from the competition and lands job interviews!

WRITE YOUR OWN RESUME is my step-by-step workshop series and workbook that will teach you how to write an INTERVIEW-WORTHY resume.

My resume writing clients have landed interviews and jobs with these companies:

NetflixGoogle | The Home Depot | McKesson | NINE dot ART | Emory University Healthcare and more…

For the past few months, you’ve spent weeks searching through job postings on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Google Jobs, trying to find jobs you think you’re qualified for.

You finally find a few jobs you’re perfect for, but after applying to 20+ jobs, you’ve gotten no calls back.

After listening to many career coaches, reading many articles around job hunting, and attending every job search masterclass you come across, you realize that your Resume is the problem.

You’ve been staring at that Canva Resume Template for HOURS, wondering how the heck you’re going to define what you do/did at a job in an impressive way while highlighting the best of what you’ve done, but all showing all that you’ve done.

You’ve Googled endlessly to piece together every resume writer’s advice you could find, but it seems like every hiring manager is looking for something different.

You do the best you can tweaking your resume with the advice you were able to find, but you’re still not landing job interviews.

Now, you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, no longer confident with your job search, and ready to give up.

After many attempts, you're still struggling with how to articulate the high points of your career and sum up why you're the best for the job.

You don’t know how to add numbers to your work experience, you’re stuck on what to keep and what to take off, and now a week later, you still haven’t applied for the job.

When it comes to resume writing, I know it’s hard to try and write one that…

  1. Tells your story and helps you stand out from the competition, and
  2. Highlights your strongest qualifications in an interesting way that makes employers want to interview you.

After spending hours searching for jobs, you finally find a job posting you’re excited about – but when you try to write your resume, you’re stuck on what to say.

You put your heart and soul into writing your resume – but 100 job applications later, you’re still not getting interviews.

You’ve tried everything. Tweaking your resume, having your friend who works in HR review your resume, and even hiring a resume writer – but still, rejection emails one after the other.

You’ve come across many career coaches giving your lots of resume tips & tricks, dos and don’ts – but no one is showing you exactly what to put on your resume and where to put it.

Take the hassle out of resume writing.

Imagine never spending hours writing a resume ever again, because you have a proven, step-by-step blueprint that tells you exactly what your resume should say, in what order and how to make sure it lands job interviews.

Great News!
  • You can write your own resume from scratch without spending hundreds of dollars on a resume writer to do it for you.
  • You can type your own resume from scratch within 30 minutes (or less), instead of days (because time is of the essence and you don’t have months to get hired).
  • There’s a simple way to write your resume that doesn’t result in overwhelm, frustration, and giving up on the job you really want.

The section-by-section resume workshop that walks you through the different sections of your resume with what to include and examples for each section so you’re never unclear on what to say.



Take the Hassle Out of Resume Writing

"I've been reworking my resume for years, relying on the internet suggesting various extremes. If you want to, once and for all, feel confident in the resume you're sending out, Kevonna is the girl to go to. She really helped me figure out the gaps in my resume."

- Micala Clow


01  Identifying Keywords + Employer Hiring Needs from the Job Posting

02  Pitching + Positioning Yourself as the Best Qualified Candidate Immediately on Your Resume

03  Crafting an Eye-Catching Work Experience Section that Recruiters Love

04  Closing Your Resume with an Ending Just as Strong as the Opening


A variety of must-have bonuses to help you with formatting your resume,

addressing specific resume writing challenges, and more.


BONUS: Creating Aesthetically Pleasing, ATS-Friendly Resumes with Word

BONUS: Using a Master Resume that Makes Writing a New Resume for Each Job Easy

BONUS: Resume Writer FAQs for New College Grads, Veterans, and Adults Returning to College

BONUS: The 6-Point Resume Writing Checklist for Auditing Your Resume

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I'm Ready to Write My Resume

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